Seat Views & Map

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Seating Map

View a detailed seating chart of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House!

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See the view from the area your seats are in. Click on the links below to see a photo of the stage taken from that seat location in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

Price Class 1 = Yellow Sections
Price Class 2 = Red Sections
Price Class 3 = Purple Sections
Price Class 4 = Green Sections
Price Class 5 = Blue Sections


Left Orchestra – Box Seat, Seat 101Price Class Seating Map

Right Orchestra – Box Seat, Seat 101

Left Parterre – Row C, Seat 172

Left Mezzanine – Row A, Seat 246

Left Mezzanine – Box Seat, Seat 201


Center Mezzanine– Row A, Seat 235

Center Mezzanine – Row D, Seat 236

Right Mezzanine – Row D, Seat 201

Right Mezzanine – Box Seat, Seat 208


Left Loge – Row D, Seat 358

Left Loge – Box Seat, Seat 306

Center Loge – Row A, Seat 326

Right Loge – Row A, Seat 302

Right Loge – Box Seat, Seat 301


Left Balcony – Row A, Seat 455

Right Balcony – Row A, Seat 404

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